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Choose the Right Converged Communications Provider.

Small to Medium Size Businesses and their decision makers generally have three main areas of expectation that contribute to their choice of Streamline Networks and our Hosted VoIP Solutions:

Converged Voice/Data Experience, Expertise, and Vision

A successful implementation of VoIP requires tight planning and the coordination of multiple activities: conducting the up-front assessment, resolving identified issues, optimizing the network design, staging the solution for testing, working with the customer to augment network capacity, training the end users, and synchronizing all of the elements during the physical cutover.

Expert, Responsive Support

A business phone system and its features are critical to your business. Customers have an expectation that they can reach you whenever they need to. Streamline upholds that same expectation for our customers, 24×7 management and monitoring, and our commitment to you in reaching an expert who knows your business and will react to any and all of your concerns.

A Customer-focused Approach to Business

Streamline will obtain a clear understanding of your business communications requirements, especially those involving network performance, total cost of ownership, interoperability, manageability and growth. Our soft sales approach demonstrates our commitment to our customer’s success, and we will remain aggressively responsive after implementation.

Streamline Hosted VoIP

Moving Your Business Communications to the Next Generation.

Hosted VoIP: built for SMB

Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) are in a constant struggle to control their overhead. Voice over IP (VoIP), along with IP telephony applications and their capabilities provide a technology that offers SMBs a choice of solutions that can lower telecommunication costs and in all cases, enhance productivity.


Businesses can migrate to VoIP slowly, employee by employee or department by department, in order to maintain a healthy measure of control through the transition without the burden of up-front capital expenses.

Cell Twinning

Ring both the desk phone and cell phone simultaneously – answer either one! Great if you are on the go.

Voice Mail

Send voice mail to Email SMS and/or .wav files sent to one or more email address containing the voice mail. Works with iPhone and Android.

Multi-Level Auto Attendant

Stand up a fully operational Auto Attendant and present a professional image to your clients. This feature will also allow callers to route their calls to the person they need to speak with – even to cell phones.

Tele Worker

A perfect solution for remote/home workers or multi-office scenarios, this feature allows companies to deploy Mitel and Polycom phones anywhere over the internet and have them participate in the home office phone system as if they were in the next office cube.

Customer Call Routing

This feature allows you to “load balance” inbound calls to sales and/or support teams. You can also do some creative “daisy-chaining” to make sure no call goes unanswered.

Streamline Networks carries a full line of Mitel and Polycom phones

Help your teams move faster with exceptional audio quality and built-in flexibility. Streamline Networks is proud to offer the high quality and reliability of Mitel and Polycom phones.

Mitel Phones

Find business voice over IP (VoIP) phones ranging from entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with cordless handsets, conference units, and attendant consoles. Mitel offers a comprehensive line of business IP phone systems and desktop devices for small, midmarket and enterprise businesses.

Polycom Phones

Help your teams move faster with exceptional audio quality and built-in flexibility. Polycom offers a broad selection of easy to use, high-quality phones and applications for organizations of all sizes. Polycom’s open standards approach to desk phones delivers best-of-breed results and makes collaboration effortless. Get a first-class phone experience with enterprise-grade audio, video, and applications support with robust interoperability.

Professional Services

Streamline’s communications technology experts can assist the small to medium sized business to incorporate hosted VoIP technology at your own pace, and on your terms. Streamline will identify strengths, weaknesses, and any risks associated with your existing communications system, define likely consequences and establish next steps in migrating to next generation capabilities.

Contact Streamline Networks today for a free, no obligation consultation or call us at 857-221-8960 and choose option #2 for sales.

Streamline HD Meetings

Meet and collaborate face-to-face with high-definition meetings from Streamline.

HD Meeting Capabilties

Meet and collaborate face-to-face with your prospects, clients, remote teams, and colleagues with high-definition meetings from Streamline. Our feature-rich solutions provide you with HD video and audio to bring your team together.


Whiteboard Capable

Use whiteboards to graphically communicate ideas and concepts.

Closed Captioning

See what is being said on your screen.

Calendar Integration

Quickly and easily schedule meetings from within Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Take the Meeting With You

Free Android and iOS apps allow you to take the meeting on the go.

Share Keyboard/Mouse Control

Easily share keyboard and mouse control with participants to put them in the driver’s seat.

Chat & Instant Messaging

Share links, files, and more through private and public chats.

Pricing to fit EVERY Budget

Compare our features to other meeting tools and you will see the tremendous value we bring to the market. ALL of our features are available on ALL of our plans.
Download a full list of features.

Large Account

Up to 100 attendees
  • Join via PC, Smartphone, Tablet
  • HD Video and audio
  • Video and audio recording
  • Windows® and Mac® compatibility
  • Free iOS and Android™ Apps
  • Share keyboard and mouse control
  • Selective share
  • iOS screen share
  • Drawing and annotate tools
  • Public and private chat
  • Calendar Integration
  • Closed captioning
  • And so much more…

“It was truly satisfying to see Streamline Networks deliver what they promised, and implement what they sold, without any glitches or impacts to our business”

~ J. Deluca, VMM Capital

“We always felt untouched, overlooked and underserved by the Top Internet Providers and Telcos. With Streamline Networks, I feel like a Fortune 100 Company. They are there when we need them”

~ K.Cronin, AGP Petroleum Products

“I did not think that “cell twinning” was possible. Streamline provides Internet Access, Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling, and they helped us reduce our cell costs”

~ A.Sherlock, Viscom Systems

“We are in a service industry where people are mobile, our clients rely on our dependability. Well to be dependable, you have to be reachable and now our Sales Staff and Service Group can be roaming and reachable at all times.”

~ J.Ciampa, Penney Electric

“Streamline’s Product is the equivalent of HDTV. Reliability, clarity, secure, and providing me features that help me conduct my day to day business more efficiently”

~ C. Gallagher, Irish Emigrant Newspaper

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Streamline Networks

Moving Your Business Communications Into the Next Generation

Our Services

Streamline Networks provides Hosted VoIP to the small and medium-sized businesses that have been over-looked and under-served by traditional phone companies.

Our Products

Streamline Networks carries a full-line of Mitel and Polycom phones – from a simple one-line unit to multi-line HD voice enabled devices.


(857) 221-8960


1484 Main Street, Suite 101
Waltham, MA 02451